Friday, March 2, 2012

Time just goes by....

Time just gets away from me and I don't upload pictures from my camera often and I just don't finish anything. Those are just a couple of excuses I use to disguise that I just don't do anything but work, sleep, eat and sad.

But today I uploaded my pictures and I am ready to roll. I joined Pinterest about a month ago and am just addicted. I could search and repin things all day long. (Another reason I don't do much...time just flies by when you are on there). So many people are just so talented.

Well today I am just going to upload a few of my creations since Christmas. So here goes.

The Valentine, and bear birthday card were for my hubby, the giraffe card was for my daughter for her birthday and the two Christmas cards were just a couple of the Christmas cards I made this Christmas. The baby card was for a baby shower I went to in January.

Hope you like them. I don't have all the details on the cards but at least I got them posted.

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